Commitment to Compliance

Ensuring Everyone involved Operates in a Fully-Compliant Environment

We believe that compliance is defined by full transparency, oversight and disclosure by everyone involved in the campaign:

We are…

  • for business owners seeking assurance that they are offering a security in their business properly — protecting themselves and their business
  • for investors who are seeking to purchase an investment opportunity that has been properly prepared and disclosed
  • For portal providers supporting the fulfillment and settlement of offerings in the emerging crowdfunding market

We believe that every sale of a security demands the involvement of licensed and trained professionals — in the crowd, in the community or between private parties.

Custom Designed Services

For Broker/Dealers, RIAs, or organizations seeking to launch a Portal

We work with you and your business model to ensure a quality and compliant experience for you, your clients and investors alike. We have six distinct deployment models to provide maximum flexibility. Ranging from "our team does it all" to "your team does everything shy of investor oversight". We ensure that your portal is properly licensed, certified and supported for the solicitation, promotion, fulfillment, settlement, and support of debt or equity security offerings.

The most viable, intuitive online solution for crowdfunding businesses:

  • We can be cost-effectively plugged into an existing Portal
  • We can provide you turn-key crowdfunding Broker/Dealer support
  • We can simply be your sponsoring Broker/Dealer
  • We allows you to start today and expand your involvement tomorrow

In a collabrative relationship with CommunityLeader, Inc., we can deliver a complete crowdfunding platform solution — from business recruitment and due diligence to a seamless investor qualification processour crowdfunding eco-system allows you to focus on being a quality community-based Portal.

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